11 September 2008

Ron Paul's Endorsement

Paul is the man I'd vote for, regardless of what ticket he ran on, if he had any chance of winning or moving a third party toward legitimacy. I read his book, and while I didn't agree with everything, it more closely suits my personal philosophy than anything I've ever read.

I know this has been said for many generations before me, but I'm tired of having to pick between what feels more and more like two sides of the same coin. I'd like a legitimate third party.

From The Associated Press:

Republican Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Texas lawmaker who attracted a devoted following in the GOP primaries, said Wednesday he rejected an appeal to endorse John McCain's presidential bid.

Paul said the request came from Phil Gramm, the former McCain adviser and ex-senator whom the campaign jettisoned after he said the country was a "nation of whiners" about the economy. Gramm defeated Paul in the Republican primary for the Senate in 1984.

Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Paul said Gramm called him this week and told him, "You need to endorse McCain." The Texas congressman said he refused.

"The idea was that he would do less harm than the other candidate," Paul said.

Paul won no primaries in the Republican nomination contest but developed a strong following on the Internet.

He appeared at a news conference with three third-party candidates: independent Ralph Nader; former Georgia Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate; and Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate. Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, was invited but said at his own news conference later that he declined because Paul didn't endorse one candidate.

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ty bluesmith said...

ron paul equals ross perot equals petit distraction