30 August 2008

From Wasilla to the White House

Two years removed from being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 5,470), Sarah Palin could sit a heartbeat away from running the United States of America. So now everyone who attacked Barack Obama for his thin resume needs to be silent. Never mention it again.

But some of these same people are actually claiming that Palin, who has been governor of Alaska for the past year and a half, has more experience than Obama. (She was a city councilwoman before she was mayor, you see.) I don't know why I find this so surprising. After all, this noise is coming from the same camp that thinks the past eight years haven't been so bad.

So here's the Hail Mary pass, Palin. It's tossed up there for you bitter Hillary Clinton supporters to grab, those of you who say you refuse to support Obama. I wish I had more confidence that this angry mob couldn't possibly be so blind that they would vote for a woman whose reproductive organs are all she has in common with Clinton. But McCain clearly thinks they can be swayed.

It was going to be a close race for the presidency, and I think it still might be. Palin could help win Alaska, and it probably will sway a few disgruntled Hillary supporters. But it should move rational moderates away from McCain. Should.

I have a lot of admiration for McCain, and there was a time when I even considered voting for him. He is an honorable man. But should anything happen to him, we would be saddled with someone two years removed from being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 5,470). If this is what it takes to be vice president, then this country is in more trouble than I ever imagined.

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