23 August 2008

50 Children Died -- Think About This

It's easy to dismiss the numbers from a war. The casualties. Even the dead children. In this country, we like to draw some imaginary distinction between our "intentions" and the "results" of the endless war we willfully propagate.

So maybe it's easy for you to see this headline, and gloss over it:

Afghan President Assails U.S.-Led Airstrike

Maybe it would matter to you if "terrorists" had killed 50 children. But if we did it, by mistake, maybe you can go back to your life, your TV shows, your mortgage, your prescription medication, the yellow ribbon you put on your gas-guzzling SUV to support our troops, who are protecting our oil interests in the name of democracy so you can pay four fucking dollars a gallon.

(Note that there are no photos of this atrocity.)

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