02 May 2008

Family Ties

It’s Friday. But you knew that. I knew it too, and you knew that I knew that you knew and so on.


Real nice.

I likes dat.


Cousin’s in town, just finished her world tour. She wants to put the exclamation point on the trip with a visit to the Boogie Down BX, baby.

I want stories, wild tales from Tahiti and Hong Kong. What happened on the moped? She almost got taken out by a truck. She’s brave. Cuz has her ish together. She’s my shero.

I’ll tell her about Philly. And Frida Kahlo. And cheese steak. Saw the penitentiary, too. Al Capone had it made. Even behind bars.

Beer. 67 minutes away from a beer. Or 20. (Beers, not minutes.) Nice and numb. Loose.

I have a lot of family, but not a lot of ties. She a tie. A bow tie. Silk. And denim. With a funky pattern.

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