01 May 2008

Love is a Choice

(Found this great photo here)

I don't consider myself a Christian -- I lean toward Buddhism, but am far from a Buddhist -- but I agree with the title of this sermon: Love is a Choice.

The sermon cites this passage from Kenneth W. Morgan's book "Reaching for the Moon":

“... a bitter altercation broke out between the two men. After an angry exchange of shouted insults, as the bicyclist moved toward the porter with a clenched fist, a tattered little man slipped from the crowd, took the raised fist in his hand, and kissed it. A murmur of approval ran through the watchers, the antagonists relaxed, then people began picking up oranges and the little man drifted away. I have remembered that as a caring act, an act of devotion by a man who might have been a Syrian Muslim, a Syrian Jew, or a Syrian Christian. ...”

The older I get, the more it seems that life is a fist and the punches keep coming. Here's how the sermon ends: "... kiss the fist and change the world."


Bennet said...

What I hate about Christians is simply how incredibly boring they are. It is my strong opinion that believing in Jesus means talking to an imaginary friend about fixing your life. I do it with rocks &, pretty much get the same results.

Ever talk to A Christian about new scientific discoveries? No. Science to most Christians is like voodoo ironically.

R said...

Is this the same Bennet who had the head coming out of his stomach? That was genius